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Biomass System and Stage Payments

BiomassIn December we received an introduction to an agricultural business that has diversified into recycling green waste. Within the green waste is a considerable amount of waste wood which once dry can be chipped and sold on as a “green” renewable fuel.

Our customer had already obtained planning permission to install two biomass systems to generate heat to dry the recycled wood and receive RHI payments for the next 20 years. A lucrative investment.

The whole scheme needs to be up and running by March 31 2017 and it was crucial that a stage payment was made to the supplier before Christmas.

We made it with the first payment being made on 23 Dec 2016 so ensuring the completion date remains on schedule. We have just paid out the second stage payment and completion is due for the end of March.

Prolease were able to be responsive and innovative by financing construction work, buildings, power supply and a biomass system. Our stage payment facility has enabled the project to remain on schedule whilst preserving our customer’s cash flow.