Prolease Ltd was established in 1991 by Stuart Austin – we are a friendly personal team wanting to build close relationships with our customers and their business equipment suppliers.

We specialise in providing asset finance solutions and tailor-made bespoke finance packages for everything from business equipment – including computers and software – to industrial machinery and motor vehicle finance. You will be surprised at the equipment we are able to finance so please contact us whatever your requirements.

We have the expertise to advise you about a comprehensive range of finance lease, hire purchase and other finance options. Our long-standing relationships with all of the major financial institutions have enabled us to secure equipment finance for thousands of businesses throughout the UK.

We recognise that our continued success relies upon the quality of service we provide, which is why we believe in forming partnerships that create confidence in our ability to supply the most attractive equipment finance options available to you.

Why use Prolease

All finance arranged and agreed by us is secured on the asset itself – we do not require any other business or personal assets from you.

By only providing finance for equipment and capital expenditure, our facilities never impact on any other banking facilities that you may have in place – such as overdrafts, loans and factoring facilities.

Prolease offers you an additional line of credit, enabling you to preserve your cash and any existing agreed credit lines already in place.

Since we operate in conjunction with many different banks and leasing sources we can make available to you multiple credit line options with each facility that we agree to.

This is invaluable when you are seeking a major investment that requires different types of equipment such as vehicles, information technology and storage and security systems.

And with banks being able to lend in other ways, including against property, overdrafts, loans, and working capital for financial restructuring – leasing can be very attractive.

Often clients come to us already having cash available for their purchase, but are aware of the old adage – Cash is King. And whilst cash is immediate, most of the equipment that we finance represents a long-term investment.

By choosing Prolease to arrange your finance requirements you are able to retain your cash, for to day business operation.

No deal is too small for us – you will be treated with the same care and attention no matter what your requirements are.

If you want to know more call us on 01432 347770