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IT and technology is one of the most important areas of investment for modern businesses. But can you keep up with the rapid pace of IT development? If you’re a small business needing to upgrade your computer equipment but cash flow is a problem, Prolease Finance can help.

Lease finance (or hire purchase finance) for computer equipment

Desperately need to upgrade your IT equipment but don’t have the funds for such a large investment? SMEs can now use lease finance to spread the cost of acquiring or upgrading their computers, IT equipment and other office essentials. Rather than pay a large amount upfront, lease finance allows you to make manageable and fixed instalment payments over an agreed period of time. Being fixed rather than subject to fluctuating interest rates, these instalment payments make it easy to budget and plan ahead.

One of the main reasons lease finance works so well is that it allows you to start reaping the benefits of IT equipment right away. There’s no need to wait or save up until you can afford the purchase – you can enter into a simple lease agreement and start using the equipment immediately. If an equipment upgrade starts to save you money or even bring in extra income, this can be used to pay the instalment payments. This is how the equipment can pay for itself.

Last but not least, lease finance can take the strain off your cashflow. Tying up a huge sum for the purchase of new computer equipment can put other parts of your business at risk. What if you save up to make a large investment in IT and another unexpected bill should come in? This is a very risky way to manage your business finances. Lease payments, on the other hand, are both manageable and affordable.

Keeping up with the latest technology…and your competitors

SMEs these days cannot afford to fall behind when it comes to IT and technology. Customer expectations are sky high, as are the demands of your suppliers and business associates. If you’re using outdated or inefficient systems, it could be costing you thousands in unnecessary costs as well as frustrating your staff due to the extra time everything it takes. Wouldn’t it be far better to speed things up, streamline your processes and let technology do a lot of the work for you?

Just as importantly, without the latest equipment – you may not be able to keep up with your closest competitors. If they seem cutting edge and you seem slow and outdated, it’s easy to guess which business the majority of consumers will choose.

Leasing rather than purchasing equipment not only gives you more flexibility, it also enables your business to stay up-to-date with the latest tech developments. Changing and upgrading equipment is far easier and more affordable, whereas with purchasing you’d simply have to make do with what you have until you can afford an upgrade.

All of these are essential reasons why businesses and sole traders make use of computer equipment finance options.

Finance for training, software and installation

You’ve used lease finance to acquire new IT equipment and are ready to get going. But are your staff trained to use it, and do you have the software you need? Software and installation of new systems costs money, as does staff training. It’s no use at all acquiring new equipment if you can’t use it.

Luckily, Prolease Finance can arrange finance to cover these essential expenses too, to help you get the best from your new equipment right away. Software, installation and training can all be financed and if necessary including a business loan to wrap some of the intangibles. This means you have everything – equipment, training, software and installation – covered in one affordable package, so you can hit the ground running and start expanding your IT capabilities immediately.

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