Benefits of Hire Purchase

  • 100% Annual Investment Allowance is available for qualifying assets and businesses
  • The equipment, in time it will pay for itself.
  • Payments are fixed so you know what you are going to be paying every month.
  • You will be preserving your cash flow.
  • Keep your banking facilities free for emergencies and working capital in business.
  • All interest can be fully offset against tax.
  • No hassle, no time wasting.
  • A deal sorted over the phone in less than 10 minutes.
  • Any financial info (if required) can be emailed or faxed over.
  • All discussions are confidential.
  • Payments by direct debit.
  • Speedy, professional, friendly service – a tightly knit team that works hard and goes the extra mile to keep our customers and suppliers coming back!


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TwitterIn December 2015 we started to use twitter to get our key messages out to a wider audience. We feel it is important both for our existing customers, as well as reaching potential new clients, to embrace new media (as in Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin etc) and we’re learning a few lessons along the way.

We’re hoping that with some professional  external help on board, we will be making all our corporate and client communications more regular and even more interesting!

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No project too large!

Our supplier asked us to speak directly to their customer- who is involved in distribution and has been established more than 20 years. The business is expanding and the management team wanted to make more efficient use of existing premises by installing pallet racking and mezzanine floors.  The install meant that the existing lighting would need to be reconfigured and was therefore easier to replace with new cost saving LED lighting representing 50% of the £250k order value.

Mezz floor

Interestingly the customer had been planning to delay going ahead with the full project owing to the high cost. They were surprised and very pleased to learn that Prolease can offer hire purchase or lease finance for this type of equipment.

The installation is being phased over the next three months. On previous jobs like this we have provided stage payments however, on this occasion it worked out better for  the customer to write the deal in four separate HP agreements, paying out when each phase is complete.

The customer is taking out Hire Purchase agreements over a six year period and benefitting from 100% annual investment allowances. Prolease is very pleased to be involved and this example demonstrates that we have the flexibility to work around supplier and customer needs at all levels and UK wide.


Fork Lift Trucks





We provided asset finance for specialised VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks for a new ambient storage warehouse. This was part of a significant expansion plan. We love forklifts and warehousing so there was no problem getting them agreed at an excellent rate! The business is now reaping the benefits of their new warehouse and the forklifts are helping to increase productivity.

Would your business improve profitability with new equipment?

Call or email us to find out how can we help.

New Vans




This repeat customer came to us as they had found a van they were looking for to expand their fleet of courtesy vehicles. Prolease are able to offer very competitive rates for vehicles and the customer chose Hire Purchase over 48 months, enabling them to own the vehicle outright at the end of the term and claim  100% Annual Investment Allowance. From proposal to payout the whole process took only 2 days. Our customer is very happy and has already returned looking for more finance!

Contact us to get a competitive quote for whatever vehicles you are considering, new or pre owned are both available.

Roofline systems

Roofline Systems.jpgWe are pleased to have brought on board a new supplier who specialises in Roofline Systems. It’s a great alternative to scaffolding that could save your business some serious cash!

Our new supplier emailed us the details of a sole trader who specialises in traditional handcrafted buildings and landscaping. The customer was was spending £500 a week on the rental of scaffolding!

The Roofline System was the perfect, affordable solution to bring the temporary structuring in-house. Prolease contacted the customer and agreed a three year deal with just 36 monthly payments.

At the end of their lease the customer can own the Roofline System for the equivalent of one monthly payment. The customer can’t wait to see the difference it makes to their profits!

Shop refit financing

Shop refit financing.jpgThis month we helped a customer finance the refit of their shop. The customer wasn’t sure if they could raise finance but we calculated that we could help fund the refrigeration units.

This repeat customer owns a petrol station with a franchised shop. They were given a set amount of money by the franchiser but needed to raise funds in order to bring it up to the specifications they wanted.

The customer gave Prolease their invoice to look over as they didn’t think any of the equipment on the list was fundable. Prolease spotted some refrigeration units and immediately had a funder in mind for the finance.

Prolease agreed the monthly cost with the customer and got the finance accepted within 24 hours. The new and improved shop is already bringing in more customers and the other parts of the business are benefitting as a result!

Fastnet 2013

Stuart and a group of local sailors from Hereford Sailing Club are competing in this years Fastnet Race which starts at 12.30 Sunday 11th August. The team can be tracked at

We are competing on Ocean Whisper a SunFast 37 in IRC Class 4

Just when I was feeling a bit fed up, a customer said this to me

Always remember, if it was easy……… they could get someone just ordinary to do it …. 🙂